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Thread: Cruise info needed

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    Looking to do a cruise this summer. Here is some of the criteria:
    1. Tropical with palm trees / sand beach ect..
    2. young and old kid friendly (kids range 11-19 years)
    3. adventure for the adults
    If the cruise thing does not work out how about an all inclusive package deal at a beach front property (same criteria), just looking to do something different this summer.
    If anybody has been on one or heard of one that you would recomend please let me know.

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    Dont do the Ensanada Cruise unless you are really into yard sales in trailer parks

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    Beaches all inclusive in Negril Jamaica on 7 mile beach. I stayed at the Sandals down the beach, great sunsets. Warning thou Hendonism is at the other end of the beach.

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    little rowe boat
    I have done several cruises,they are a great time. Take your time and choose the cruise that best suits you and your family.

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    Tahiti its reasonable. If you've got really big bucks, go Fiji...

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