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Thread: Hook Em Horns

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    Tonight should be a great game. If the burnt orange can hold SC to 30 points or so I think the Horns will hook em!
    This is the best offense that SC has seen.........I mean Fresno state put serious numbers on these guys!
    If need be......I'll eat crow tomorrow, but I don't think that's happening.

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    big "IF" w/ the 30th ranked run defense against two studs

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    big "IF" w/ the 30th ranked run defense against two studs
    That "30th" ranked isn't as bad as you think. Take into consideration A) They play in a conference that is option and run oriented. B) It's not like the NFL where there are 32 teams and being the 30th ranked def against the run is a bad thing. How many D-1 schools are there nationally? The SC secondary isn't all that either.
    Regardless......if tonights game is anything like the other 3 BCS games.....Whoooooaa Nelly!

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