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    Canada Jeff
    I just finished reading an article in the latest edition of Hot Boat mag and felt I had to inform readers of this little bit of information. Now first of all don't get me wrong, the Sorcerer is one incredible boat, however when I read that he has never been past, I cringed a little.
    Last year Poker runs America ( as they do every year) held the 1000 isld poker run out of Gananogue, Ontario. the last leg of the run everybody knows is the all out race back. Whatching the returning boats from Fathers house the first boat we seen was not The Sorcerer. The first boat we saw was my uncle's , my fathers brother's boat My Way. 46' skater with twin turbines. The Sorcerer was after but not for a little wile. This is just FYI but this was wittneses by many on the shore. Myself and my father no longer speak to the owner of MY WAY ( family isues) but have nothing against his boat.
    I don't want to start any arguments with this. Just my story.

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    Did he say never been passed or he doesn't like being passed? http://free.***

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    Canada Jeff
    It states in the article that his son Rod " he came in and said that that was the last time that anyone would beat him! and he was absolutely right" that was said before he built the boat. I'm just surprised that it is still being said.
    Not trying to make a big isue out of this. FYI only!

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    The only part of the article that bugged me was that I never saw an actual top speed listed. Did I just miss it? If you're so stoked about being the baddest boy on the block, I'd want the mph listed. Still a cool boat though.

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    not to start an argument here. but i do remember reading in the article that they were trying to be the fastest piston powered boat out there. they didnt say that they were faster than turbine boats or that they were trying to be.
    as far as the top speed, i got the impression that the boat was still being dialed in and they have not made an actual top speed record pass yet. that may be why they did not report a top speed, that may also be why they were so far back when you saw them run in that poker run. maybe they werent running it at 100% yet, or maybe it was because they bere being beat by a turbine boat.

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    Didn't one of the Hot Boat team members say something like...........when I looked over his shoulder, the speedo read 148 mph at 5,000 RPM. Didn't it say something like the boat will turn 7,000 RPM. I am not sure, but I agree with you Craig, post an estimated MPH and tell us that you are still dialing it in if you don't want to give the impression that, that is all she is got!

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    i gotta agree with you on that, at least an actual top mph to date would be nice, followed up by, "the boat will go faster once completely dialed in" or something like that

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    Brad Zastrow
    The article did say they were shooting for 200 mph. Is that not an estimate of top speed? I also have a boat capable of 150 plus and I am not sure I (or any of my friends) even want to go that fast. Those high speeds are really some scary rides. So I do not think every exotic boat needs to have a radar pass to justify it's existance. Sometimes just knowing it can is enough. How many guys drive their exotic cars on top speed runs? I have been in Poker Runs, talked with the nice owners of the Sorcerer a number of times and the boat is true technical marvel.

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    Not to sound too much like nit-picking, but the boat will never be the fastst piston powered boat. They need to start throwing in caveats like, "fastest piston powered boat over 5 miles" or some longer course. That boat would have to run 246 mph to be the "fastest piston powered boat" http://free.***

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