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Thread: Oil Analisys?

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    Stupid Fast
    Back when I ran Heavy equiptment, I remember that we used to take samples of the oil in our equiptment. We would send them off to CAT or Deer. They would then tell us of impending failure. Can this be done with gas engines? How much does it cost? I think I still have a few sample kits (pump and all). Would it be worth it to check this out?

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    Wet Dream
    Definately. They can detect any metals, fuel or other impurities on your oil.

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    Here's a Great Site for Oil info>>>

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    Crankcase oil analysis can be used to evaluate any engine's oil for not just what may be happening in the engine but the condition of the oil itself (whether it's suitable for continued use or not).
    This is probably more common as a preventive maintenance measure in heavy equipment due to high costs of repair and high costs of downtime.

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    When maintaining airplanes, oil analysis is almost mandatory. The cost of the motors is so high that the $35 price tag per analysis is worth is. It only works effectively when it is used as a trend analysis. You can't just send one test in and expect to see a problem (unless its a big one.) When taking the sample, open the drain and let it flow for a few seconds to get the dregs out, then take the sample mid-stream and send her off. If you have a multi thousand $$$ engine then an ounce of prevention....

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