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Thread: How to flip a boat over.

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    On purpose. I need to turn my boat over to paint the bottom. Any suggestions. Its a 16.5 ft checkmate

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    back your trailer up to the front lawn, get a few friends and push it off the trailer onto the lawn, then gently turn it over. That is of course if the hull is empty.
    Or, use an engine hoist to lift the rear of the boat on a chain and a forklift and chain for the front and spin that thing in mid-air.
    i've done it both ways with good results.

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    hack job
    i was wonderng how you did that mike! lol i know your old boat was pretty heavy! like mine! wink

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    i have slide film of me, travis, todd and a few of Todd's neighbors flipping my boat over on his front lawn. its some funny shit. if i had a scanner i'd put them up but i dont.

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    Flipping a boat over can be pretty interesting. The last time we did it we put a cherry picker on the front and set some BBC blocks under the back and flipped it right over. Had no problems!!

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    Here's how I did it.... Get a bunch of friends together, (I used eight people at least).
    Build a bad ass rack for it to sit on...
    Then gently have your friends pull it off the trailer and set it on the lawn....
    Then set the boat back on the built rack very carefully....

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    Dude that rack could support a tank! eek!

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    let me drive it, i am sure i could flip it over!

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    Dude that rack could support a tank! eek! Yeah, I did kind of over-engineer it. After I finished the bottom and didn't need the rack, I burned most of the wood in my fireplace and then gave some of it to a friend to build some garage shelves.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by diggler:
    [QB]Here's how I did it....
    Perfect. Thats what I'm going to do, Thanks
    Then how do you get it back on the trailer without scratching the shiny new paint.

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