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Thread: memorial day weekend

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    The northtexas jetboat club is having a get together on memorial day weekend at lake Texoma. For more info check out texas*** , we'll see ya'll there!

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    gonna be at platters flatt campground just over the oklahoma border,maybe afew of you oklahoma ***boaters can make it,there is supposed to be a jetboat club out of OKC showing up,don't forget this is open to all performance boats,go over to texas*** for more info.

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    Hey Taylorman, I would like to go but me and my group of boat friends go to Tenkiller on Memorial weekend. But let me know when you'll be there again and me and the wife will try to make it. :boxed: :boxed:

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    sorry you guys won't be able to make it,Tenkiller is a nice lake when I was growing up in Oklahoma my dad used to take us to tenkiller,he had a galaxy jetboat,very nice lake.Where are you guys out of ?your sig says central OK.I actually graduated from Harrah High school. 1984

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