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Thread: panther diverter

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    Anybody tried any home made panther diverters or had any ideas. Just wondering, im trying to come up with something to try

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    did ya sell your boat?

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    Squirtin Thunder
    If I were going to make something like that I would neck it down(from square to round) so I could run the Place nozzel inserts.

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    Not yet but I hope to one of these days.
    Gotta show my ignorance but what would be the gains of the nozzle inserts on a Panther? I'm still green on all this stuff........

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    i thik they aready have a mod that basically is a berk nozzle on a panther jet, but the diameter is a lot smaller and panthers don;t like small openings. I've heard it hurts performance. No Taylorman I haven't sold it, no bites in a long time. Im just gonna wai till summer i guess.

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    Yeah, if your going to put a trim on a Panther you'd better leave the opening size the same. Those axial flows don't need pressure, it'd just slow them down.

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    here ya go, best conversion yet
    and yes, it's still a Panther...kind of. The conversion basically turns it into an E pump.
    For all the skinny and pricing, contact Tom at Jet Boat Performance at (805) 466-4719
    and Jim, as Wrenchdaddy and Malcolm said, Panthers don't like pressure and reducing the nozzle size will do just that.

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    oh yea, if you give Tom a call, let him know I let you know about it. There's going to be a press release on it real soon. Parts are being cast.

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    geez that looks crazy, im not sure i wanna know how much that baby is gonna cost, looks like a berk to me. did they just ream out the inside to make it bigger so it will flow or what?

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    from what I understand, the only thing utilized from a Panther is the intake, everything else is converted. I'm hoping to take a trip down to visit with Tom in the near future.

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