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Thread: The Rose Bowl and U2???

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    Wow....seems like the worlds longest half time show.....all the marching bands....don't you love that?? :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:
    And then U2 and Bono....can't they get an American band?? :argue:
    Does anyone even really like U2??? I have never bought one record of U2 or Bona or want to go to a concert or can even think of one good song.
    Anyone here like them??

    :eat: :eat:

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    Nothing screams college football like an Irish rock band.
    Now that's pretty funny!!!

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    Hey Mike.....what was that you said about U2

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    OH OH...Seems you got Karens dander up...That is what they call it, right Karen
    LOL...that's about right.....where are you Baja Mike??

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    Hey Mike.....what was that you said about U2 I'm in trouble!!!
    Sorry Karen.... :rollside: :rollside: :boxed: :idea:

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    Irishgal I'm in trouble!!!
    Sorry Karen.... :rollside: :rollside: :boxed: :idea:
    LOL....I'm making you a U2 CD

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    He could use one of those seagull reflectors out at Dana Point
    :hammer2: :hammer2: :hammer2:

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