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Thread: Fiberglass deck

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    Tunnel 23
    I have a 62 Howard flat with a wood deck and the clear glass on it is shot.I would like to keep the wood look,but i don't think i can afford that.So i was thinking of having it glassed and i will paint it. Anybody know of someone who does this in nor cal??

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    little rowe boat
    Id just call every boat builder in your area until one of them steered you in the right direction.
    good luck

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    Look in the small adds in the back of Hoatboat mag. There is a guy up north, that I think is Miller Boats that does wood decks. Even though it might be expensive, it might be worth it to you in the long run to restore a classic.

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    dont mess with a classic, have it fixed right or buy a 70's jetboat that is already glass.

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    dont mess with a classic, have it fixed right or buy a 70's jetboat that is already glass.
    Good advice.

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    I agree where this is headed..... try to find someone that can restore it. It would be a shame to loose the classic look.
    Awww helll.....this is a jet boat we're talking about isn't it....I'm outta here

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    Try Miller. He still makes customs with wood grain, I believe. And I think I recall reading they do repairs as well. or call em at 805-934-3938
    This is from their site:

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