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Thread: Cam buttons?

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    How do I install a cam button in a BBC with a hydraulic roller cam? Does the button continually push against the timing cover or should there be some clearance? If so, how much? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, Jester

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    I believe the button is suppose to just touch the cover to prevent any type of "cam walk". I just installed one on my BBC with a stock chrome GM timing cover and it appeared like it was just barely touching.

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    Comp and Crane have told me to run about .006 endplay with a hydraulic roller. If your button does touch the cover with no play and too much pressure it could cause the timing gear to wear the the face of the block.

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    I set mine up for just a slight clearence .010. With everything installed and the cover torqued down if you knock on the front cover where the cam button is you should hear a second knock ( the cover hitting the cam button ) If the cover hits the cam button constanty it may wear a hole in the cover. Too much clearence and the roller bearing behind the cam gear will come out of its slot.
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