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Thread: engine builders

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    im looking to get a engine built probably 540 merlin looking for around 600hp wondering whats a good way to go id like to stick with a gen 4 type block so i can retain mech fuel pump im in ct.anybody ever deal with fonse performance in nj they are only around 2 hours from me.also looking at the teague merlin 509 in there add in hot boat@575hp seems like there dyno might be a little friendy.FOR 10K seems like a pretty good deal carb to pan with ign and dynoed.any other ideas out there id like to really get over 600 and stick around 10 to 11 grand if possible.

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    my 2 out Summit Raceing Cat...they have some really gd prices

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    I offer my Marine Assault Merlin or Dart 548 for 11,500 delivered. 660 Hp Carb ignition etc. included.

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    I offer my Marine Assault Merlin or Dart 548 for 11,500 delivered. 660 Hp Carb ignition etc. included. Pump gas deal I take it?

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    Pump gas - drive friendly idle etc.
    Cannot forget the Infomaniac magic dust.

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    Scoggins Dickey performance sells some pretty healthy motors at decent prices. They have a 600 hs big block complete-SD602C 602hp / 502ci Pump Gas Engine $10,499.95 , would imagine change to marine appropriate cam, head gaskets, etc.. and be good to go.
    Hmmmmm too bad the compression is so high on the 930 hs/ 550 incher..... the 502 is only 10.2 to 1.

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    How about a 540, 710 HP and 680 TQ. All under 5500 RPMs, pump (92) gas. The TQ. is over 600 for more than 2500 RPMs. TORQUE moves the LOAD, not HP! If you have a Bravo drive, this is the (low cost) motor for you. From Holley carb, to oil pan, $14,750.00 (after dyno run,to prove the POWER) No BS, just a long and happy life!

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    And who is building the motor listed above?
    Info how much more do you think you would be able to get out of your setup and still run pump gas? I know that is your crate (if you want to call it that...setup and is probably a basic tune) I would assume that you would be able to get more out of it on pump gas with some extra work if the customer was willing to pay right?

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    I'm working on buying a new Deckboat, and if they will sell me the boat less the motor I'm going with Infomaniac. Check out his web site

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    I have. I just wanted to see how much he can get on that motor pump gas style.

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