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Thread: ET vs Speed

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    Can some of you racers chime in. Can someone put up the speeds that different et's runs, such as how fast is a 10 second run, 9,8,7,6.

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    As an ex-drag racer (car), I can tell you this: your elapsed time and mph are not necessarily in proportion to each other. The ET starts when you break the light at the start, and ends when you break the finish light. The mph comes from a set of lights a certain number of feet (memory fails me here, lol) before the finish line, to a certain number of feet after the finish line. At least, that's how it was done 35 years ago !

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    Dave is correct. The correlation between mph and et isn't concrete.
    It all depends on how well the boat leaves the line, how good the driver is and how well the boat is set up and running down the track. Weight of the boat plays a big part in how quick it is as well.
    There are quick boats that can run the 1/4 in 10 seconds, crossing the finish at 98 mph and others that cross the finish at 106 mph.
    I've seen boats that cross the line in 9 seconds but at 122 mph and others that will run the same et but at 114 mph.
    In my Rogers I once ran nearly identical ET's on back to back runs but with a variance of 4 mph. The variance could be the way i drove the boat or the lights at the track.

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    In car drag racing the mph in the lights will give you a good idea of what kind of hp you are making.

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    I think the automotive drag strips have changed the location of the MPH lights. They used to be before and after the finish line, but now are both within the 1/4 mile, the 2nd one being at the finish line. The reasoning behind the move was to stop people from running hard out the "back door" in an effort to get higher MPH readings/records...............MP

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    Thats interesting info Moneypitt.
    Taylorman,from what I have seen 100-105 is average for a 10 sec jetboat.
    115 mph is average for a low 9 second jetboat.
    125 mph for a low 8 second jetboat.
    Some boats are turds out of the gate and make it up on the top end and run a higher mph number,some have done (mph) what they are gonna do by half track. Those numbers I put up are only what I think the average jet will run.
    so many people here constantly brag about mph numbers, when that has nothing to do with anything...E.T. is what wins a drag race.
    So Taylorman, why do you ask this question?

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    why not just look here
    speed and et's (
    and see what different kindss of boat run for speed and et

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    I ran aflat in 03 and it ran 9.50s in the 107 -109 avg(really more like jet boat times)Low mph for a flat most flats i ran went the same et or slower but 112-115 avg
    in 04 we tuned the motor better and it went to 9.10s at 117-119 the first time out next race changed the carbs it went 8.96 at 129 and into low 9s at 124-126
    for 06 that is yet to be seen

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