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Thread: What's for Lunch, Friday Edition

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    Fajita combination plate from Mi Fiesta, a banana, Almond Rocha, and a Sprite....
    I may have the last two donuts from breakfast, too

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    Mrs. casean
    Lean Cuisine Spinach and mushroom personal pizza... it was tasty!

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    Red chili burro, beans and rice. And a homemade brownie :crossx:
    Another brownie is coming later :skull:

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    Double-double...animal style
    Animal Fries
    and a Lemonade.
    Plus I have been snacking on stuff people have been dropping off at the office all day.

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    Mrs. Bordsmnj
    I had the buffet at Acapulco! YUM! Now I need a nap please.

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    Windowmaker burger from claim jumper.

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    MRS HERE..........
    French Dip and Fries at Co-Co's

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    MRS HERE..........
    French Dip and Fries at Co-Co's
    :notam: :notam: :notam:

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    So far just two Reeses peanut butter cups :cry:
    About to head off for an Angelo's Burger :rollside:

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    EAS - Myoplex protein shake......mmmmmmmmmm

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