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Thread: Eliminator 280 Eagle

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    not right
    Any info on a 96' 280 w/ Hp500 would be appreciated.
    Can they handle the Ocean?

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    I remember some old hot boat articles on the 28 and they were running in the ocean for the article,,,said no problems handling the swells,,,needs to be set up for the ocean,,fresh water flush,,,sea strainer,,,etc....I've had 2 eliminators over the years and was vey happy with the quality of the boats

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    I have a 28 Eagle. Great ocean boat. Hopefully the one you are talking about is closed bow.

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    not right
    Ya closed bow, I'll have to dig through some old mag's I probably have the write up. Always heard great things about Eliminators tough to get a chance to see one out here in virginia beach. I would also love a 27 Warlock, they seem tough to find.

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    Wow! This thread has been up for 4.5 hours and not one person has come in here to pitch a different manufacturer's boat. This may be a new record.

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    I believe I know the boat. If it is the one I am thinking of, it was for sale for a long time (or still is?). I am sure it would be no problem in the ocean. If a 25' Shockwave (and sometimes smaller) works out ok, that Eagle will do fine

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    not right
    It's the one at Eliminator, I know I have seen it for a while. Priced very high for a 96'. The deadrise is mainly what I am concerned about. I know a lot of Havasu boats are in the 21-22 degree range.

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    Ok, not the one I was thinking of.
    Here is one that is newer and has a whipple. Similar price.

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    I toss something in here. Any V bottom that has a pad bottom will ride much rougher in any big water like afternoon ocean swells. When the transom of the boat re-enters the water after cresting a wave it will slap the waters surface. I'm sure you can have fun still but at a slower pace than a full 24 degree V.
    Take a look at the offshore races. The only boat I know of that has a pad bottom in your size range is a 28 Velocity. He will be fast in flat water but in last place when it's rougher. He still get's whipped by the regular V bottoms in medium water though. If you primarilly boat on the ocean keep this in mind.

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    not right
    I saw that one, I not sure I want someonelse's whipple charged motor.
    I hear you on the pad, that's why I really dont want a Velocity. My last boat was a 26 Powerquest with a straight 23 degree hull. Decent ride for this area, not the fastest 26' with a 454 but it rode fairly well in the rough.
    I like the Y2K's but I want a bigger boat that 7'0" or whatever the beam is. Looks like an awesome rough water boat.
    You think I should bag the idea of an Eliminator and stick with the East Coast boats, like an 28 Active Thunder or 28 Powerplay, 288 Sunsation.

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