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Thread: Ky lake Hotrods

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    Looking to get together with ***boats in the KY dam area this summer.
    If your in the area let me know.

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    do you run a promod ?me and pumperpuller play with a t/g qwik 32 bike at mirock events

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    ran prodmod for several years still go to some races. I flew down to gainesville prostar race with RC comps. Thought i had a injected nitro ride with NHRA but I have a problem lack of funds. Might race some this year. Looking for a flattie to race at ky lake.

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    cool ,welcome aboard good luck on the flatty hunt ,that one in tx is nice,for the money its a steal

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    My dad has a 21' cheyenne day cruzier with a 501 Ford. I am redoing the engine right now. Asked for more pics on that boat. Going to put a blown Ford in a Flattie.

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