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Thread: Daycare in Rancho Cucamonga???

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    Alright I know a few of you folks are local so what can you recomend? My wife is going back to work Feb 1 2006 and we need to find a good daycare provider by then. This is our first child and it's tough to tell which facilites are really good and which ones can put on a good show. Any recomendations in the Rancho Cucamonga or nearby areas? We are open to licensed homecare or daycare facilties.

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    You might be cutting it close, trying to find a day care now, as many have waiting lists.Both my kids went to Mountain Green day care, in Upland. Several of our friends have kids there now, and all seem to be happy.

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    Never Satisfied
    How old is your kid?

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    I am in Rancho also and we have been taking our 2 year old to Gymboree on Milliken and Baseline,,,this is just a fun place for the kids for an hour,,,there is a day care place right next to it that my wife has checked out and thinks is very nice but your kid needs to be potty trained to be eligible for the service,,, looks like a nice day care place,,,cant remember the name right now though....

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    Sorry I don't know anyone in that area but man I feel for you. It's tough finding a daycare place you and the wife will feel comfortable with. My wife and I lucked out and the in home daycare we use she used to watch my sisters kids. So we were comfortable with her. Good luck and be carefull who you choose. Make sure and check them out really good.
    Oh, and be prepared for your wife to be an emotional wreck her first week back to work. It was really tough on my wife with both of our boy's.

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    Thanks for the help so far. Lauren is 2 1/2 months old. I hear ya about the waiting lists, we're just looking for recomendations. We had a place in Corona that would have been great, it was highly recomended and close to my wifes office but her company is moving the office to Mira Loma now so we are scrambling to find a good place close to home.
    Thanks again for the help and I have a feeling we're both going to be a wreck that first couple of weeks.. :cry:

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    Never Satisfied
    2.5 months is younger then I was thinking. My wife used to work at a preschool/daycare in Alta Loma that is suposed to be pretty good from what I'm told, but proably too young though, sorry!

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    Chris let me ask Nathan at the office he has a one year old and live close to you in Rancho. I'll let you know.

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    Never Satisfied- I'm in Alta Loma and my wife has an interview next week. I've got a 4 year old in pre K and she can stay after school for a little extra so she's covered. But my 7 year old in K needs daycare from 2:30-6:00. What's the name of the place your wife worked at?

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    Chris let me ask Nathan at the office he has a one year old and live close to you in Rancho. I'll let you know.
    Thanks James but I think he said his mom in law watches his kids and she didn't want anymore, but let me know if I'm wrong.
    PS We need to go meet with Dave and get that truck dialed in on the new tunes.

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