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Thread: H2 Hummer on e bay

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    You crossdressers might want to bid early and bid often on this one.

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    I think the Rhino boys will like that one!! :rollside:

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    That has to be one of the worst looking vehicles I've every seen...
    UUHHHGGGGG!!!! :yuk:

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    Dammit...I gotsta get a couple asprin after looking at the PINK

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    Cole Trickle
    I saw that vehicle at SEMA 2004. I had heard while we were there that Paris Hilton heard about it and was coming to buy it?

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    Hey did I see a DCB sticker on the back window of that thing.... :argue:

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    Tom Brown
    I kinda like it. :idea:

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    It's got your name written all over it Dave...

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    I kinda like it. :idea:
    Why does that not come as a surprise....

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