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Thread: (PICKLEFORK JET) bare hull and tandom trailer

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    rich seibert
    F/S 19 ft firehawk performance ,american turbine intake, shoe, rideplate
    guages seats, steering,fueltank,foot throtle,rails, chevy motor mount plates ,bell housingdriveline and guard/headers w/lines ,tee valve
    best offer,

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    Feb 2009
    to bad you are so far :cry: that that would be gone if you were out here.
    pat(slotracer) :220v:

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    rich seibert
    always in the wrong place,,,,,,,,,,,,story of my life
    i never sell anything........ i`ll just keep it
    currently i have no tow rig, so i can`t even deliver it
    thanks for looking

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    Do you have any pics of the interior, etc? I am thinking of getting a complete boat, minus power, rather than invest glass work, interior, gauges, steering, cables, wiring, and all the other little misc junk I need to do to my current project.

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    Any interest in trading for a bigger boat??

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    rich seibert
    honestly i want a earl smith texas tunnel,
    or i will have tom morrow in mississippi cast me a new boat400 lb for 5200
    he`s got a mold , i have had one of his boats before, it was the best boat i ever had.

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    Well, when you give it away I'm first in line. Hell, it'd cost me a fortune to come get it so free is about right.

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    rich seibert
    bring me a pair of dart or brodix alum heads,........ we may have a deal

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    rich seibert

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