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Thread: Are Kuhl Blowers good????

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    info please

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    kuhl are cool

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    I spoke to Ralph Gorr the other day as well as someone else (who is slipping my mind right now) who said he had taken back over the old shop after Kevin had pulled the "disappearing act" ...
    But yes Kuhl bowers are good (when good ) ... and Littlefield will service them ... Mert serviced my Kuhl 1471 for years ...

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    mike kuhl 7145478401 ask him!!!!

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    I have two of them and they work great for me.

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    Ya, I was real surprised when Kevin who took over the Kuhl Blower shop cut out. I have nothing bad to say about his service to me which was great and their products. I was sorry to see them go for now.

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