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Thread: Snotwavebobblehead...

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    And we'll be swangin...

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    Hooli just keeps pokin and pokin till wham.....

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    Hooli just keeps pokin and pokin till wham.....
    OOOOOOOhh yeah.....not the caps in bold #5

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    You photoshopped out the part where he's teabagging you? Whatever dude, I'm done with you tonight. You or your cronies want to step up, get to stepping, otherwise eat a dick.
    Your the swinger should be able to draw somthing from memory!
    Oh your such a tough guy! don't start using Bold! I may just shit right here in my chair. ah step..ah step.. ah left right step

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    It's no wonder they kicked you out of the military...tea bag you say??

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