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    I pulled my prop off for the winter is there anything I can do to it to make it more efficent? like polishing it with mothers metal polish? and smothing out the edges?

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    Crmax,I polish my prop as much as I can to keep water deposits off of it,Every winter I send it to get the ears sharpend and balanced so I can get the most out of it when summer rolls around.

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    Send it to Bronson Hill.For $175.00 they'll put a pro-tune on it,good for around 3 m.p.h. depending what your hangin it on.I've used them a couple of times with good results. The Bum

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    is there a reason to get it balanced if its a new prop (mirage plus)

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    Havasu Hangin'
    I send mine in every winter to get sharpened and polished...If any material is removed (from a ding, nick, etc.) it may be slightly out of balance.
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    I't may be new but not perfect direct from the factory. Bronson has a state of the art cnc machine that will make each blade exact.They look like gemstones when done.Cheap performance enhancment as boating goes.

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    g'day guys, i'm a water ski racer here in Australia. I have spent $3500 on getting a prop right. it;s the best money spent i think. when u drag race u need your tyres to grip the track for traction/ to make speed,just as a prop need to grip the water for traction/ to make speed.. try spending $3500 on an engine to make more H.P & see if the boat goes all that harder. Spend that sort of cash on a prop & i am sure you will see the rewards. i have proved this with a few fellow racers here because i have lent them my porp to use on the same hull as mine but with more power & less speed. My prop made 9 more mph at hi rpm.
    find a good prop shop who you can discuss your needs with
    remember hull weight & h.p. & boat loading. take into account fuel load & max rpm range.ANY money spent on a prop is well worth the gains i say. Happy Boating Steve Boys... Team Captain BadBoyz Ski Racing

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