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Thread: If you're running Windows you MUST read/do this!

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    Please run either Windows update or Microsoft Update ASAP. Microsoft has just released a critical security patch to address the WMF exploit recently found and exploited. The exploit allows a specially-crafted image file to actually execute code on your PC.
    1. Launch Internet Explorer
    2. From the Tools pull-down menu, select Windows Update
    3. Click on the Custom button
    One of the patches to install should indicate: “Security Update for Windows XP (KB912919)”
    4. Click Review and Install Updates
    5. Click Install Updates
    6. Reboot your computer when prompted
    ItÂ’s a biggie and worth taking a few minutes to do the update. The exploit can occur by simply receiving an email with an infected image in it, or by visiting a web page with a specially-crafted image file. It doesnÂ’t matter what browser you use and affects all versions of Windows.
    I strongly encourage you to install this update on all of your work and home PCÂ’s.
    For further information about this recently discovered exploit, here are some links:

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    That was the first update from Microsoft that didn't send me crashing! Pretty easy.
    All better now.
    Thanks for the heads-up!

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    thanks for the info, first I've heard about that one.

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    Actually not all Windows users need to worry, for WinMe, Win98, Win95 and previous windows iterations it doesn't present secuirty threat. I'm glad I still haven't shelled out the $$$ to MS to upgrade from 98.

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    Actually not all Windows users need to worry, for WinMe, Win98, Win95 and previous windows iterations it doesn't present secuirty threat. I'm glad I still haven't shelled out the $$$ to MS to upgrade from 98.
    your right I have 98 on my PC and my kid has xp
    and we both have the same anti virus programs but he is always getting viruses and having to reformat to fix his PC

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    Both my kids and my wife have XP on their computers as well. They've stayed pretty clean so far, I check them once in a while. Here's what I do:
    1.) Make sure Xp Autoupdates are on. This is a nice feature, I checked this AM and all 3 computers had gotten the fix
    2.) Download and run Microsoft's Antispyware Beta. So far it's free and seems to work pretty well with XP
    3.) Use anti-virus software that isn't a limited time software. A lot of the new PC's come with Norton but it is only good for 3 months or something then after that you are at risk. I typically uninstall Norton and put on AVG Antivirus which is free in it's basic form and seems to work ok for me.

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    My Norton Anti virus has recently expired. im looking for an easy way to get my protection up to date. I can just sign up for norton in a few minutes when the expiration window pops up or is there an easier or better way?
    english please.
    just downloaded the update, thanks Magicmtndad.

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    Instead of Norton you can use AVG anti virus free edition:
    It's probably not as feature rich as Norton AV, but it's free and will not expire.
    Download, install it, then uninstall Norton and you are good to go.

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    I guess this is the one that keeps trying to update automatically through the pop-up? It is so large, I didn't trust it and kept shutting it down.

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    Let's just say, hypothetically of course, a guy had a bootleg copy of windows XP Pro he was running on his system. Lets say his computer guru friend talked him into it a couple years ago when he built the system and explained that he would be a big Pu$$y if he actually paid that crook Bill Gates $300 for the software. So naturaly, our hypothetical friend, not wanting to be a big Pu$$y, went ahead and used the illegal copy of Windows. And let's say because of the fact that Microsoft dosn't like people stealing thier software, they won't let that person download any of the patches or updates. Lets suppose this person was very sorry for his crime, and has experienced so many problems because of the lack of updates, that he would never do it again. But now this person has lots and lots of stuff he really wants to keep saved to his hard drive. Would there be another way for that person to update thier system? :crossx:

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