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Thread: PCV Valve??

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    Ok guys I have always wanted to ask this question but felt to dumb. I have worked on boat engines for years and have no logical explanation. How come marine engines do not use a PCV valve with vacuum like automotive engines.

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    who says they dont ? I run one, from the valve cover pcv valve to the baseplate of the carb, that and a breather on the other side but considering running 2 pcv's. PCV is super important especially for boats. My builder even recomended an evac pump as an option.

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    Don't close both sides off with PCV valves. In order for the one valve to work, it must have somewhere to suck from, hense the breather on the other valve cover. I've used PCV valves on boats for years, and believe it or not, if you have an engine that likes to splatter the back of the boat during a hard run, a PCV valve will cut it way down, if not stop it all together, and unless you're pumping masive amounts of blowby, won't hurt performance........Moneypitt

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    The Merc 500 package has a PCV in the valley of the Dart intake manifold. The Merc guys do their homework.

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    The guy who built my motor, Ben Alameda, runs a vaccum PCV evac system on his 9 sec drag car !!

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    HammerDown one here.

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    Where the **** is superdave? We can start this whole ****in` site over again.

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    And that`s before RiverDave and all the other bullshitters. Hey 77charger,,,,you still listenin`?

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    pvc or pcv, yeah we can start this whole site over again

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    pvc or pcv, yeah we can start this whole site over again

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