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Thread: Lake Powell pics from holiday fly-over

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    Here some pics I thought I'd share of our fly-over of Powell during the holidays. Enjoy.
    Marina shot
    On Final
    No going through here until the rockies get some serious snow.
    Rainbow bridge of course
    Deep canyon at mid lake

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    Thank you for those! You're making my countdown to July go much faster.

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    Nice pics! The deep canyon pic was extra cool! Thanks.

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    Beautiful scenery

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    Thank you for those! You're making my countdown to July go much faster.
    August for us, c'mon RAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    WOW awsome pics thanks for sharin them with us!!

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    August for us, c'mon RAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Without premission from the Rocky Mountain News
    North Rockies awash in snow
    But southwestern part of state is abnormally dry
    By Jerd Smith, Rocky Mountain News
    December 24, 2005
    Colorado's northern mountains are awash in white stuff, with regional snowpacks registering their deepest in eight years, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Ser-vices.
    But in a bit of climactic extremism, the southwestern part of the state is abnormally dry, leaving the statewide snowpack about average entering the new year.
    "The northern mountains are in the best shape they've been in (at this time of year) since 1997," said Mike Gillespie, snow survey supervisor for the Natural Resources Conservation Service.
    "But the southwestern mountains are in the worst shape we've ever seen (since automated gauging stations have been in place)," Gillespie said.
    In Colorado and other Western states, snowpack readings have become an important winter ritual because roughly 80 percent of the region's annual water supplies derive from melting mountain snows.
    The Natural Resources Conservation Service begins measuring snowpacks officially in January.
    The figures come from a combination of data collected automatically from remote sites, as well as manual data collected by technicians in key watersheds in each of the state's eight major river basins.
    The final measurements in April and early May serve as the basis for predicting each region's annual supplies. Last April was the first time in seven years that Colorado's snowpack topped average.
    These deep early snowpacks offer good news to the Front Range. The Upper Colorado and the South Platte river basins - which supply metro Denver - are registering 140 percent and 137 percent of average, respectively, as of Thursday.
    "It's excellent. But of course it's really early," said Melissa Elliott, spokeswoman for Aurora Utilities.
    Aurora has been hit hard by the drought and as a result its residents have learned to live with some of the strictest watering rules in the state. Aurora's reservoirs - like others - have begun to refill to pre-drought levels and have reached 64 percent of their normal capacity, the highest they've been at this time of year since 1999, Elliott said.
    Whether 2006 will ultimately deliver lasting drought relief isn't clear. Some forecasts are calling for ongoing heavy snow in northern Colorado.
    But others indicate the state has an even chance for experiencing a normal winter, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the National Weather Service.

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    Hardly Satisfied
    nice pics thank you

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    Cool pics...

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    Absolutely amazing shots. Thank you for sharing.

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