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Thread: When will Hilary declare?

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    When will Hilary throw her hat in the ring for Prez in 2008? I'm looking for predictions. I say election time this year is her goal.

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    God I hope not. That would be scary.

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    Old Texan
    She has to get reelected to her Senate seat I would think. It will be interesting to see if the NY voters are foolish enough to think she isn't going to run and thus be a lame duck in her term. The right thing to do would be to announce and get on with it, but when has a Clionton done anything right or for someone other than themselves.
    If I've heard right the lady running against her has a good chance in winning and will play off the Pres. aspirations. If so that would sure help slow the Hildabeast down for thePres. campaign.

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    One of the ideas that I have heard that mader a great deal of sense is that Hillary may NOT RUN for her senate seat. The justification was as follows:
    1- Her opponent has a very good chance of winning, even in a hotly contested (read as "lotsa $$$$ spent") race. She carries the same socially liberalistic "trump-cards" Hillary does, but has a long and solid career of jailing criminals, and HARD. Basically, a Hillary who is tough on crime and strong on natl defence and border security as well as fiscally conservative.
    2- Her opponent is actually threatening to ask Hillary, officially, on TV "I intend to be a Senator for the next 6 years, can YOU make that pledge?" She would have her cornered as who is going to vote for a Senator who says "In a year, I plan to bail and run for president."? Hillary would basically never serve anyhow as the fundraising and baby-kissing starts in '07, as soon as the '06 election is over.
    3- The cost of the campaign, win or loose (loosing being a definite possibility) has been estimated at costing upwards of $30 Million, which, either way, would put a SERIOUS dent in her war chest for the presidency. Better off to save the $$$ for the '08 run than waste it.
    4- Next pres election in 2012, she will be too old unless an incumbent so cannot wait longer. It's time to sht or get off the pot.
    I suspect she will do just this, and will announce her intention NOT to run in the next 4 mos, and her intention to run for pres, by Sept.

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    I think she will announce right after she announces that Janet Reno is really Chelsea's father .

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    Old Texan
    I think she will announce right after she announces that Janet Reno is really Chelsea's father .
    America's burden: The First (Dysfunctional) Family
    Please, not again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

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    I think she will announce right after she announces that Janet Reno is really Chelsea's father .
    Funny stuff there!

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