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Thread: Lake Havasu sales tax?

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    What is the sales tax in LHC? I have a customer here saying he doesnt have to pay sales tax for buying a piece of equipment in LHC.

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    Keith E. Sayre
    sales tax in the city is .0785. the only way that I know of to get out of paying it is to have something shipped out of state. technically speaking,
    it is my understanding that one should then disclose anything bought from
    out of state on their next tax return and then pay it at that time? don't know
    if that's true or not but it's what I've been told.
    Keith Sayre
    Conquest Boats

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    In and Out burger charged me 8.85% yesterday, DAMN when did it go up

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    FYI the base rate in Mohave Valley is about 5 1/2%. And that is one of the reasons why so many mobile home dealers are their along 95 south of Bullhead.

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    AZ tax is structured, county & city separate. Each city can set their own tax rate.

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