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Thread: going small block and need some parts

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    Im thinking Im going to ditch my 427 tall deck and go small block so, I need some parts, Im looking for about everything for a small block ford (302) setup in my jet boat (I have a complete 302 with gt40 heads and intake and thats whats driving the switch) I have several BB chevy parts that I would be willing to part with if some one is looking to trade

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    302s rock.
    You can make plenty of power with them and they are light.

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    Why the big change?

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    i do love the 302 fords, but wouldnt a 350 chevy be an easier swap?

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    Nucking futs
    just stay with the big block.You will thank yourself later.
    I have a 350 chevy complete efi with wireharness and brain if anyone is interested. 600 takes it.Also a 700r4 trans for a few $$ more. will seperate too.

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    Aluminum Squirt
    Small blocks rule. I especially like the SBC/Aluminum Boat combo. At the white water races, there are many a SBC powered boat going over 100 MPH. Most guys here will tell you to stick with a BB, I sort of think they're right unless your combo is pretty lite, or your set up on the SB is dead on and you are making good HP. Good luck-Aluminum Squirt

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    I agree, put the 302 in a mustang. Leave the big block. A 302 will kick some ass in the right app, (mustang) but your typical jet needs a big block.

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    Don't know how your 427 is set up, but there just isn't a thing you can do to get that 302 to twist on a jet pump like you can get that 427 to (same mods to both). Giving up 125 cubes, at least that much torque, and even more HP. Unlless you have a feather for a boat (well, ok, a small exageration there), you'll be dissapointed. Also, in order to get enough RPM to make usable HP, you're gonna have to run a smaller impeller, maybe 2 cuts, reducing your holeshot in the interest of top end RPM to try to get peak speed. I'd find a better use for the 302 IMO.

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