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Thread: July 4th in Oklahoma

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    Lowrider and friends will be relaxing the holliday weekend on Grand Lake of the Cherokees up N of Tulsa. Anyone is sure welcome to stop in. We will be staying at Bernice State Park just accross the brige from Indian Hills Resort (and Bernice).
    Among all the fun going to go to both fireworks shows in the area, on Duck Creek Sat and at Grove Monday.
    Everyone have a great weekend.

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    I should be at dripping springs Saturday. You guys make it down there?

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    Just discovered D.S. last week searching for hangouts on Grand. Planning on coming in Sat, at least after an early dinner to kill a few hrs before the fireworks on Duck Creek.
    Can't miss us, 18'6" of low-slung red and silver sparkles, silver interior, US flag atop the radio antennae, loping, headered, Big Block Chevy under the hood. I'll look for ya to say Hi.

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    Cool. You shouldn't be hard to miss. Don't see too many like that in dripping. This will be our first time there in out boat.

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    That's a nice looking boat you have as well. Lowrider used to be my dad's but I venture her out to a lot of places dad would never take her, like across all that rough stuff to get to Dripping Springs or Duck Creek, and out in the dark on occasion as well.

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    Sorry we missed ya kcvega. The afternoon just got too busy and we had no time to get to D.S. early. Just made it to Duck Springs amid the 8:30 arrival flotilla (4-foot+ seas in the entrance and all), found a nice place to tie on to some nice peeps and enjoyed a great show (as usual).

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    Nice seeing you this weekend. Did you get the see the Horse Creek fireworks? We enjoyed watching from my aunt's place, but it wasn't the same as being at the lost bridge.

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    It's cool. We got to dripping early and tied up right by the cliff. Then we ran up to Shangrila and back to Duck Creek for the show. I'll bet that was a hell of a ride.

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    Yea, it was, especially at the entrance to Duck Creek, amid the 4' seas :yuk: . We only brought water over the bow light and windshield twice trying to make the corner amid traffic, (twice in under 2 minuites :rollside: ). No real problems tho. Lowrider does have enough freeboard and drive muscle that it doesn't give her too many fits. The nerve wracking part is LEAVING amid the 25+footers in the dark later. Standing orders then on her are "Sit back, shut up and enjoy the ride unless you see we are about to hit someone/thing. I'm f-ing busy. Leave me alone."
    Seadog, we anchored about 50 yards S of the bridge, near the west end of it, about 100 yds from shore. It was a good show. Almost as good were the 2 idiots who thought that they could just blow thru the area to the N side of it, just at twilight, on plane, thru all the anchored boats, over near the beach. I believe GRDA corrected their state of missinformation on that tho, under some very pretty blue & red blinky-lighting. :crossx: :crossx: :crossx:

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    Ok. Smokin Lowrider you have to get ready to show up at the Taylor event on Lake Ouachita............
    You missed Broken Bow and it wasn't the same without you and your road kill stew.
    Your boat is running now so there is no excuse...........
    See you there............................................. ..............................

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