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Thread: KD 7000. Ski spam.

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    KD 7000 for sale.
    I bought a new KD CR7 so I kicked this ski down to my wife.
    She skies well on it, but she wants her own ski. Go figure.
    It's first generation KD, 66" long, new large bindings.
    Max foot size is 10. There a tight fit.
    The ski has a few dinks in the tip from my wife. Very minor!
    I'm asking 3 bills. I'm 6 bills plus into the ski.
    The newly installed bindings cost me 250 alone.
    I would say if your under 185 lbs you could fly.
    Very controllable ski. Handles like a dream on edge.
    Here's pics.

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    Summer is comming soon skiers.

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