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Thread: First Time For River

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    Orange Gasm
    Where's a good place to go where the flatties hang out?

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    LOWER RIVER, south of Parker
    or North of the I40

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    Needles Marina

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    Orange Gasm

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    Yup... Water is 5 feet deep.... Keeps us out!

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    A lot of flatties hang out on the trailer.

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    Or the Avi on south to Needles is good for the flatties...

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    Lake Mojave......... J/K :devil: :devil:

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    Lake Mojave......... J/K :devil: :devil:
    I hear runs to Cataline in a flattie can make for an intersting ride.

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    You're from people still boat at King's River? I spent my childhood there. Flattie and crackerbox races every night. Barefooting in the morning when the sun is coming up. Fouth of July fireworks. That place rocked. Now it is all 5mph zones I think.

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