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Thread: Got a little sumthin

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    to make the trips riding and to the lake a little more comfortable
    and a new truck to pull this pig...
    now I'm broke again

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    Mrs. casean
    Very nice! I'm sure very comfortable

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    Must be nice baller. Congrats. Nice setup. :rollside:

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    Very nice, didn't know the Fire Dept. paid that well!! LOL!! Congrats again!!

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    Thanks, how have you been? We've been saving and conspiring for some time now. But the pay aint bad ya know!!!! And the time off is even better, and even better than that is the action!!!
    Hopefully we can get out and do some riddin soon

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    Desert Rat
    Nice set up Josh! One question, will you be able to tow the boat behind that set up? looks like it would be a pretty long, maybe to long??

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    Do you ride? Just kidding.......maybe.
    Anyway, looks great, truck too, congrats on the new toys and more importantly your graduation. Hope to see you in the desert sometime.

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    You never metioned the truck
    Nice rig

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    I just told Jer we need 1 of those! Congrats :rollside:

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    a catered life
    so you only come around to make us jealous :yuk: .....nice set up though congrats and btw are we a fireman yet

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