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Thread: Graduation...

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    Graduated last week from the fire academy...
    Just wish it was summer now so I could hit the water :rollside: Thanks for lookin

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    Mrs. casean
    That is awsome! Congrats on your achievment! Soon enough it will be time to go play on the water!!!! Congrats!

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    Wow. Congrats bro. Almost got picked up by City myself. I know how hard it was to get where you are. Be proud. You got the best job in the world. Have fun. Now let the hazing begin probie.

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    Thats a great achivement that a bunch of people strive for. Congrats!!

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    Desert Rat
    Congrats Josh! You look like you lost a couple of lbs too!

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    Proud of you my friend

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    Good job Josh
    Looks like HallettDave giving you your badge .........Doug

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    Thanks for the compliments guys
    And YES, I lost 15 pounds... took the life right outta me. They call it the grinder because it grinds you into the asphalt. There was really no time to lift weights, and even less time to mix protien drinks and the like. Trying to pack the muscle back on, but its not looking good :cry:

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    Good job Josh you look great in that uniform now can you drive by my house in your truck oh and put the siren on

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