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Thread: Voltage Regulator for Merc 502?

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    Does anyone know if the voltage regulator for a 1995 Merc 502 is internal to the altenator or external? If it is external....where is it? Thanks.

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    I'm 99% sure its internal. Its a GM type alternator, right? If so, the integral type plug has the 2 pins at right angle(90 degrees) to the shaft, the external type, (last used in the mid 70s)has the pins parallel to the shaft. Hope this helps.....Moneypitt

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    In case anyone is interested, this is what I have found out. It is an external voltage regulator that is mounted to the back of the altenator. It runs about $75.

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    Convert it to a GM integral. Simple to do, and a hella of alot cheaper...

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