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Thread: NO longer a "tire kicker"

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    roln 20s
    Well, after much thought...and waiting (24 years) I have ordered my boat as of today.
    First off, I would like to thank John West at Ultra, Keith at Conquest and Gene at Howard for all being great people, whom I will always consider great friends, and would be proud to own their boats any day of the week. You've all been extremely patient, always been very helpful and answered my calls and questions for the better part of a year (Gene since I was in college...last 5 years).
    I am proud to say the boat I have purchased...drumroll please...
    2006 DCB Mach 26
    It will feature a 496HO (probably slowest DCB every built), midcabin-cuddy, IMCO single ram steering, front and rear cap with stainless side rail, one off graphics, LED lights, GPS speedo, bluewater indicator, triple axle Extreme with custom wheels, LEDs, and stainless fenders...and a stereo that is still in the works.
    Special thanks to Bryan for all your work within the past week, Dave for accepting me into the DCB family, and Charley, Toby and Miguel for making this decision very easy.
    I look forward to seeing you all on the water. No exact delivery date yet, hoping for March, but may be a little later. Either way...I am out of the "tire kicking" club...and I have no plans of finding a replacement
    Here are my graphics (no coping...I will sue) For anyone looking for graphic help, contact the Edukator on the boards. He has been an extreme help to me. I had a few ideas I liked, drew up and needed them "fine tuned" needless to say, they are now better than I ever invisioned. Thanks again Russ for a job WELL Done-- its been great working with you.
    Thanks again for everyone who made this possible, plus everyone who has allowed me to tag along with them over the past XX years.
    Roln 20s

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    WTF?????? TRADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J/K. Looks good and thats a great choice. Congrats. :rollside: :rollside:

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    al cole'holic
    I think Gene should personally choke you
    ..seriously, congrats though!!

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    Congrats! You're stoked.
    Go Big the first time.
    Charley will give you the pom poms when you pick her up.

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    roln 20s
    I did speak with Charley and I told him that I have NOT received any of this special "kool-aid" Maybe you have to take delivery first to get the "kool-aid" and pom-poms. I guess I'll wait.
    Everyone knows I love Howard (and Gene and Mike). They make an unbelievable boat, if I ever bought a sport vee the BULLET would be my ONLY choice
    Thanks for the good comments.
    Roln 20s

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    WTF?????? TRADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J/K. Looks good and thats a great choice. Congrats. :rollside: :rollside:
    Congrats patrick, you had great choices and made a great choice, fastest is not always the best...

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    Hey patrick... welcome to the dumbass club. We're all dumbasses for buying into this custom tricked out boat thing. But I'll tell you what... If you're gonna throw dumb money at something, it may as well be a bad ass DCB. :crossx: :crossx: :crossx: :crossx: :crossx:
    My prediction... Pat's 496HO will be supercharged by mid-summer 06 :rollside:

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    A huge congrats! You can't go wrong with any power in a Mach 26. (just don't ride in one with more power and you'll be fine :rollside: ) I remember the night I meet with Dave and ordered my Mach 26 it was probably one of the funnest and happiest days I ever had, I was stoked to have ordered a Mach. The build will be as fun and easy as the order was. You will love that boat, and even more so your family will love the ride and qaulity of that boat. Enjoy and keep us posted on the build!! You can now start the "east coast hater trainning" Charley holds classes Monday Wed. & Fri...........
    Oh and cut Charley off at this point, he can only cost you money now....
    Psss.... do a Gel Coated engine hatch they look sick!

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    Congrats...enjoy the new boat!
    Unleashedclothing ( :crossx:

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    Great looking boat Patrick! Can't wait to see it on the water.

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