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Thread: Not A Pretty Sight...

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    Another one goes down.
    First it looked like this...
    Then it looks like this...
    ...and now I'm wondering if anybody has a pic before all this happened???
    A before picture would be kinda cool to see.
    The boat was out of Palmdale, Ca.

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    That's where i used to live, i wonder who that may be ?........anyone ?

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    Maybe its Afro Man.:idea:

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    centerhill condor
    I hate it when that happens! at least you're okay and can go back to the job to get more boat money!

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    Thanks for your quick response on Monday afternoon with that Sleekcraft/Magic.
    They were in need and you guys were on them quick. Hopefully you got there before Sea Tow.
    I didn't want to drag them across the lake in that weather.

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    Dam :cry:
    That sucks
    What the heck causes that??

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    Cheap Thrills
    Dam :cry:
    That sucks
    What the heck causes that??
    Rapid oxidation of combustable matereals would be my guess
    been there done that
    that sucks
    C.T. :wink:

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    Dam :cry:
    That sucks
    What the heck causes that??
    Big buckett - o - suck!!!
    It would appear a fuel leak is to blame?

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