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Thread: 2002 Howard 26 spamer

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    I need to sell this boat any info just ask Or if you sell it for me I will pay you finders fee asking 70,000
    New 16" ar wheels, and tires brakes and lights on the trailer, blown intercooled 509, all auto meter white marine gauges, full system, all orion, xr drive with nose cone, lots lots more

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    Ivan Dan
    Have any more pics? Interior?

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    02HoWaRd26 and also Dan I should have the new tires by next week if your interested

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    Bump 69,000

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    Got a deposit finally on it finally so lets see if they pull through on the rest of the $$$$$

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    Ok somebody give me some love I sold her now she is gone not mine gone out of my garage and into anothers

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