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Thread: 93/02 Outlaw

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    full throttle
    93 Baja Outlaw 24/Complete overhaul & re-rig in 02
    Under 300 Hrs. on hull. 47 since refit.
    01 502 Mag w/HP 500 intake, carb, and cam.
    Full msd w/ rev limiter.
    Imco exhaust.
    Imco dual ram steering. Add-on.
    96 Bravo upperw/HD parts, 01 XZ lower.
    Labbed bravo 1 prop-24P.
    Dana billet tabs.
    Blue-printed bottom. (no hook/no rocker)
    New interior/carpet/engine cover. (lighter that factory)
    Fresh graphics. (paint & vinyl)
    New full cover + good cocpit cover.
    New bimini.
    Trailer completly rebuilt in 03. Everything NEW, including aluminum wheels and color matched to boat graphics.
    This boat is super clean, and shows EXCELLENT. It is totally turn-key & very reliable. It handles rough water well, and is very solid. My plans were to run it in the Pacific Offshore series (for fun) once completed, but never did.
    I currently own 3 boats, and would like tho sell this one to fund the completion of my Schiada project. If anyone is interested, or knows anybody looking for a great boat minus the major debt, shoot me a message or email ( I have many pics.
    Oh yeah, I'd like to see $29k out of it.
    Thx, Spam over.

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    Clearlake Kid
    Sent you a pm....

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    full throttle
    :crossx: TTT :crossx:

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    here ya go bud...side note for anybody interested, this boat is spotless and it really flies...more midrange pull than anything i've been in
    the current owner is an ANAL focker....... :crossx:

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    What does it book out for? do you have any interior pic's?

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    full throttle
    Thx for the kind words....Focker.
    Hard to book any boat, hot rod, or whatever, when it's been re-rigged, modified, or completly changed from it's origional form. Value is based more on market & replacement value.

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    I agree !!
    However ,the banks don't care about that stuff or anything else. They just go by the book they have ,so I'm told by my credit union. Thats why I was asking what you had to get out of it. Please send me a PM if you want to tell me what you have to get out of it. Clean looking boat by the way and I still would like to see some interior shots!

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    Check w/ the marine lenders they have a much better handle on boat value and the current market...NADA is around 15k on a clean used 93 with standard power...but that wont buy the power package on this boat let alone the rest of it.

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    I'm I missing something on the power pkg? Its a 502 Carb job with a bravo and straight cut gears(i believe). Marine lenders want to charge me way to much interest on money loaned. Got a better rate(for ther long run) thru my credit union. I still would like to see interior shots and a OTD price before I go to my credit union with the final numbers. I like the way the boat looks and he did a lot of work to the hull. With all the boats on the market today I believe us buyers need to be well ed u ma ca ted on the values of boats. If you know this gentleman, please have him send me some pics of the inside and pass along my compliments on his good looking boat.

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    full throttle
    PM me an email address, or email me I'll send you pics and info.

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