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Thread: new to forums

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    wanted to say hi to all you hot boaters.

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    a catered life
    well welcome to is hell call hb posting..grab a beer, post your fake feelings and stay way from the a-holes but most of all have fun.........what kind of boat do u have and where do you mainly boat

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    Welcome, and have fun.

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    i have a 22 foot boice jet. i boat mostly on lake mead and lake havasu in the summer, and i go to oregon and run the rivers and steelhead and salmon fish in the winter.

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    Ola amigo

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    Hey man, welcome. What part of Oregon do you boat?

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    Welcome, have fun and don't take this crap seriously :rollside:

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    welcome... and what luninlife said is the truth around here.
    We are at Mead everyother weekend during the summer... Hope to see ya there.

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    Welcome to the madness.

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    Keep it real

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