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    Ah yes, a KC-10 Extender refueling a B-52. Love those KC-10s!

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    Wet Dream
    The KC dwarfs that monster B52

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    when i was in the Air Force i got to go up and tag along during a couple mid air refuelings.. at March AFB it was a b-52 being refueled by a kc-135 and at Beale AFB it was an sr-71 being refueled by a kc-10. i have pics packed away somewhere.. it was a great view.

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    Who's screwing who?

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    Jim W
    Hey guys???
    I am pretty sure there is someone half way down the dipper stick where the canard wings are??? He or she helps steer the coupler in??? That's the job I want-----LOL
    Also what's the wedge shaped thing behind the tail of the B-52?? Is that for a gunner or something???
    Be good, Jim

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    That is the tail gunner. Hes the only crewmember who doesn't have to be an officer. Was an electrican on the B-52's and KC-135 whle stationed at Castle AFB in Atwater Ca, just north of Merced.
    That appears to be a G or H Model.

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