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Thread: Looking for a 70 stang 428 cylinder block

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    Blown 472
    Anyone know where I can find a good block??

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    I used to have a couple but there long gone, but I bet the Ford God 058 has a couple!..

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    Blown 472
    Wonder where he is hiding.
    I found my wonderful msd coil was junk, good ol ford stock parts got it fixxed.
    Hey 058 ever used the motorsport module with the rev limiters??

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    Hummmm...I'll have to dig thru my inventoty. 428s are getting hard to find due to the kit Cobras and the Mustang freaks, they pretty much picked thru the available good blocks. Another way around the shortage of good 428 blocks is to check the wall thickness of some of the truck 390 blocks especally the "105" blocks. I have seen some that will almost bore to std. 427 [4.230"] That would give you over .190" of wall. Stay away from any block that has any signs of core shift, some of those can't even be drilled .040" Heres another top secret source and you don't even have to give the secret handshake or say the password. Check the Industrial/agriculture shops for the old FE [FT] blocks, that ran in combines, hay bailers, pumps ect. Alot of these blocks have some oddball bore sizes and may have some ungodly thick cylinders and these blocks are high in manganeze and nickel. I've seen some cast as 427 center-oilers but bored as 390s or 428s. As for the Ford module, no, all I've ever run is MSD.

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