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Thread: Ok, so the carb causes a fire in the boat...

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    Wet Dream
    I'm going to rant a little bit so bear with me. Last weekend at Anna the boat ran fantastic. But this weekend as soon as I fired it up, she was stumbling all over the place until I got into the throttle a little (2500rpm). When I dropped off my first batch of passengers, I noticed fuel coming from the secondary portion of the bowl. It looked like it was spilling inside the venturis. I pulled the needle and seat and reset the floats. It ran decently, but not as good as it should have. I went to play for a little bit and while making a run, wide open in the throttle, it started to die out. It didn't cut out or sputter, but just ran down. While worrying about the wake sinking me, 2 huge flames poured out of the OT's. Thinking that a restart would blow out the flames, it only added to the problem, adding more fuel to the pipes. Fuel was pouring from the carb and up around the vac sec diaphram. Thinking we should jump into the lake to avoid the possible flashover, it burned itself out. We got towed in by a great group of people after they noticed me rowing. But anyway, what the hell could have gone wrong? This is a 750 Holley vac secs.

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    Ditto!..You probably got some shit in the lines!. Pull it apart and if you find a chunk of rubber, your lines are deteriating, you do have a good filter right?....

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    Any extra teflon tape in the system?... Moneypitt

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    Wet Dream
    The filter is a new inline glass filter. There isn't much debris in there. I was curious abou the needle and seat myself, but I have the clear sights installed on the bowls, and I checked the levels about 5 times today while it was in the water. Even after the fire, the levels were just below the sights. What gives?

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    You say "There isn't much debris in there", what kind of debris is in there?, those inline glass filters ain't the best Thing!. Where is the filter plumbed in?. If you have shit in the tank, a good chance that some of that shit is in your carb, along with some teflon tape!.. eek!

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    Wet Dream
    Before the carb got rebuilt, the old filter had a bunch of crap in it. This one is actually pretty clean. I guess you could say I'm impressed that its still new looking. No buildup at all. The filter is located less than 6" from the fuel rail on the carb.

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    You had flames coming out of the pipes? eek!
    Possible stuck needle, bad float, or some other unknown leak dumping fuel into the intake manifold.
    Geeze...that's alot of bad-luck in one day.

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    Drain the bowl into a cup and see if anything comes out besides gas, then take it apart carefully and look for the culprit. If you find shit, put a decent filter on it!. Actually, put a good one on regardless, it will save you a lot of headaches down the road!..

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    Wet Dream
    What do you consider a decent filter?

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    believe it or not I have found a hair all the way through a float needle seat assembly. Imagine that. It was even on an alcohol sprint car. needle was stuck hard inside the seat. Shows how much clearance is actually there.
    Maybe your float is saturated or getting fuel in it.
    If it had been RED maybe it would have been small enough to pass through? LOL
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