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Thread: Irvine Lake Boat, Car, Motorcycle Show

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    dave n
    On February 4th we are having a car, boat, motorcycle show at the lake. If you would like to enter your boat in the show registration is free and the form is on irvine lakes webpage: for more info.
    We are also going to have exibition races with crackerbox, superstocks and k boats.
    Should be a lot of fun!

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    LeE ss13
    You're kidding, right? I mean about the races.

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    dave n
    Not kidding, but they are exibitions not races.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Not kidding, but they are exibitions not races.
    Then can I go out and exibit with them ???

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    yeah Dave,
    Let him go out and exhibit with them.

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    hey dave we just built a new runnerbottem boat....anyway could we go out there during the show and make a couple shakedown passes?

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    dave n
    I'm sure we can work something out. Call me 714 308-5480.

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    thanks dave...i'll call you next week!!!

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    Chris Kenner - PS681
    Who's intending on going to run the exhibiton SS, Crackerbox & K races?? Trying to get an idea of numbers. At this stage & if all goes to plan we are looking at bringing the Broadminded - SS29 Super Stock boat for a fun day out.

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    A little over 2 weeks left, I cant wait to get a live fix.

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