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Thread: Cap walk and alum rods

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    Blown 472
    Would the use of an alum rod help with cap walk? Is cap walk in direct relation to detonation? Is there cap walk on a blown alky dealio?

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    As far as I go everytime I've seen caps moving there has been some det. now undoubtably if you run aluminum rods it will help because of the shock absorb effect the rods have on any engine but you're going to need to be careful because in the tune you acn also beat the rods out of round due to det. on high boost and power applications over balancing the cranks also helps cap walk thats when you increase the balance factor and counterweight the crank heavier then the actual assembly. We overbalance all of our alcohol funny car and top alcohol blown drag race stuff. Run these things by your engine builder and I'm sure he can guide you in hte right direction.SIncerely Laz Mesa
    P.S. The overbalance is extremely important in blown alcy engines.

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    Can one of you guys define exactly what cap walk is. I'm trying to picture which way the cap would walk, if it could, and how far. Is this ever called anything else? ..........MP

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    I believe he is talking about the main caps walking.

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    Walking fore and aft? or sideways?..........MP

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    Side to side mostly but I have always felt the cap moved in almost a circular motion. The cap and the main "bridge" area will have what appears to be gauling on them. Also the cap will fit loose in the registers of the block.

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    And Aluminum rods change this how? Better or worse?...........MP

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    And Aluminum rods change this how? Better or worse?...........MP
    Because if there is detonation, aluminium will absorb the shock better than steel. But if the caps have been "walking" and isn't true with the block registers, it will start the circular walk like Chris was speaking about ... following the rotation of the crank.

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    There's a 100% sure cure for main cap walking problems.....A Y block

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    nice link unchained now i want one of those bad boys

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