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Thread: try again Need Jet Boat in Michigan (Indiana, Ohio?)

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    Working in the mitten, left my boat in Ca. Stuck here for a while yet.
    What a story, wrecked the harley, lost my leg, stuck working in "Ville De'Troit" (Detroit). Big water all around!
    Looking for a jet boat in the great lakes area. They don't appear to be real popular with the natives.
    A rat boat (not "rat" motor) will do as long as it's sound and not made of $$gold$$!
    I know some of you guys have hook-ups around here.
    SeaSlut out
    MICHIGAN: First Line Of Defense From The Canadians.

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    As far as I can tell, people on the west coast, and AZ are hoarding most of the good ones. Most of what I find for sale in the midwest is thrashed and ugly like mine. I know where theres a nice V-drive in Lake MI though. :crossx:

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    sanger rat

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    go to spam section there is a tunnel in pa. forsale and you're definately closer than me!

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    I just moved near Rich with the tunnel in PA, thats a good deal for that boat, nice setup, just seen it about a month ago.
    Have a schiada flat v-drive that needs finished restoring, i have 90% of the parts all new if your interested in a v-drive, its right outside of Pittsburgh

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    seaslut, theres got to be a few boats in your area. i see them at the races in ky. and mo. paint a better of what exactly you would like and i can find you one. ride or race? just how fast do you want it to be and it might be in tennessee or mississippi. hows that?

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    Where in Michigan are you?

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    Where in Michigan are you? There are some boats for sale in Wisconsin here and upper mi also check with www.michigan***

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    There's LOTS of jet boats here in MI. They just don't list them for sale until the spring and then it falls off after October.
    Get a local Boattrader around March and start lookin'.
    I have an old 77 Mantra but it's a project. Probably too far gone for what you want.
    I live in the SE MI area and have been watching the market for about 5 years now. You'll find Taylors, Tahiti's, Python's, CeeBee's, Baja's, lots of heavy Carlson's, Jolly Rodger's, Sangers, Sidewinders, Sunkist's and so on.
    There's a guy out here by me that's been trying to sell a bowrider Rochelle with a T-ram'd 460 Ford for a several years. Asking too much at around $5k but all he does is pull it out of his barn, uncover it and set it on the yard all summer for sale. Another guy here has what could be a nice old Nordic (interioir is getting rough) with the bubbledeck rr hatchcover. Dunno what motor, but it just sits for 5 years now with a cover on it. It has a Berkeley. I would knock on his door myself but the attorney fee's for the divorce would be staggering.
    Check out this site.......

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    Well I'm pretty open. Would really like an open V-hull, Olds powered, would settle for a chebby.This time I don't mind minor repairs. But no junk. I'm loking now so I can take care of any "details" before spring.
    I'm near Port Huron.
    I have a 19' Beachcomber, m455, Berk, in California, I'll bring that out as a last resort.

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