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Thread: carb to fuel line siezed - how to get loose?

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    I'm trying to get my carb off but the steel fuel line going into it seems to have the threads siezed up. Any advice on how to get things loose without destroying the parts?

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    Penetrating oil soaked in for a few hours and shock it with a hammer blow on the wrench. Tighten it a hair to break it loose.

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    If you have a fitting wrench instead of just an open end or crescent, you can put more force on it without distorting and destroying the fitting.

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    if all of the good advise above fails; vise grips, channel lock pliers or hacksaw the line. dont sound good but sometimes it has to happen. i`ve been there....

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    And when all else fails........its a perfect time for new chrome bowls.

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    oxygen and acetelyene,,,,guarantee the fitting will be no problem.

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    just kidding bro,,,don`t do that,,,you`ll get hurt. :boxed:
    And I nned the post count.

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    oxygen and acetelyene,,,,guarantee the fitting will be no problem.
    Opps...I should have read your second post!
    Thanks to everyone else for the tips. I'm going to try it this weekend hopefully (boat is in storage).

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    Like obnoxious001 said, a line wrench would be very helpful. Run to your local Craftsmen dealer and pick up a set.

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    As mentioned, cut the line, remove the large fitting from the carb, put the small fitting in a vise and turn the large fitting. Start over with new steel line to the next junction point. Tip: don't over tighten the new line as someone had done to the old one, and always try to use the proper tools for the job. It is also quite easy to make a "custom" fuel block with a short piece of fuel hose to the carb fittings. (1 1/2 to 2"). A block gives you a good place to mount the fuel pressure gauge,(end towards driver), and the rubber hose allows for jet changes without having to open any inverted flare fittings that usually leak and require over tightening to seal........MP
    PS; There is a stock FOMOCO fuel filter that will screw directly into the fuel bowl, with a hose barb as a conection. These filters were stock on T Birds and Lincolns......They are available from most aftermarket filter brands..

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