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Thread: Upgraded Oil Coolers

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    Hey All,
    OIL TEMP on my motors rises rapidly when I go above 4000 RPM. After talking with my local fountain dealer, updated Oil Cooler units were reccomended
    I'd like to update my oil coolers to a higher-capacity unit instead of just replacing with Stock. Right now I have the stock MerCruiser 502 (1992 Carburated) units.
    Any ideas where I can find new/upgraded units? I was told the units from a 525SC would be a good choice, does this sound correct?

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    What size engines do you have now? Are they modified? If so how much power are they making? How much oil capacity do you have?
    Oil capacity is a huge factor in controling oil temp which in return is a big factor on engine longevity, cooler temps (200 to 230) make for happy engine parts.
    Marine engines run long periods at constant rpm much like endurance racing engines. Endurance racing engines have large capacities of oil. Nascar uses a 5 gallon tank. This allows the oil to be cycled slower through the engine then compared to the time it would take 1 1/2 gallons. This volume of oil takes longer to heat up since it has more volume.
    We have seen as much as a 30 degree drop in oil temp in the boat by just changing oil pans. . .going from an 8qt to a 12 to 14 qt pan.

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    I have three Stock Mercruiser 502's, Carbs, 1992 Vintage, about 330 hours each . The Fountain paperwork shows them at 410HP.
    Oil Temp runs 220-230 up to about 4500HP. After that it starts to shoot up. My Gauges don't have many numbers above 230, but they have a red overheat light that has come on (I think its around 250)
    I'll need to look under the motors to see what could be done about deeper oil pans. There isn't much room in there!

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    What model Fountain is it? You won't have to look, I can tell you what can be done...

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