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Thread: I hate irresponsible pet owners

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    Irresponsible owner abandon this very shy 1 ½ year male Shepard / Rottie mix. This dog needs love, attention and a good home. If interested in adoption PM me.

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    Thanks Jim!

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    I second that

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    Rotties and shepards are very rarely the horrible monsters people make them out to be. My ex GF had two rotties and a german shepard running around with a two and 4 year old kid all the time. Never had any problems, in fact they were much more calm and gentle around the kids than my lab. Also I used to vounteer at a local animal shelter and have been around several that were complete wusses and would make or made awesome pets. Somebody adopt this poor guy! Look how sad he looks! Look how friendly he looks compared to my lab in my avitar, and people think labs are nice.

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    Its not the dog.... its the owner. That being said. Most ppl that think "they control" thier dogs don't.
    I hate ppl that don't take care of thier Pets.

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    If I didn't have 2 already, I would take said doggie.

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    Forkin' Crazy
    Yea, I agree. Ever watch Animal Planet/cop shows? Some of the people on there should be thrashed!!!

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    Phat Matt
    Maybe it's just me but I have more sympathy for pets than humans. It really makes me upset when I see a dog that has not been cared for. These pets rely on humans!!!

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    You knew it was just a matter of time until I posted in this thread. I hate hearing about people who do this. If you can find a local Rotti or shephard rescue, that would be your best bet because they keep the animals until they can adopt them out. I'd take him but have too many as it is. It sickens me that people are this way.

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