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Thread: So. Cal Trailer parks near beach's

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    Thinking of parking my trailer at a beachside trailer park this summer. Anyone know of a good beachside trailer park that I can do this in. I have been to Carpinteria before and I wanted to go south this summer.
    Anyone have suggestions? A place next to a Marina would be nice also...

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    Are you looking for more of an RV park, or a long term trailer park? If you want an RV park for short vacation type stays, here's a couple:
    Campland on the Bay in San Diego: Fairly small, paved, flat sites with full hookups, right on the water with a nice marina and launch. Gets kind of crowded, but great access to the (
    Newport Dunes in the back bay of Newport Harbor. Real nice RV park with great waterfront sites. Kind of a long trip from the back bay to the open water, but nice none the less.
    Hope that's what you're looking for.

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