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Thread: Drive is leaking oil. . .

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    I had experienced all summer that I had to add drive oil to the resevoir a total of 3 times. I went to winter storage over the weekend and checked on the boat and I have oil leaking between the lower and upper housing in the area of the main shaft.
    Now I have a '97 model Bravo 1 that I mated an Imco lower to. Everything worked just fine this year. I am thinking I may have pinched an O-ring when putting it together.
    Any thoughts?

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    overtighten = warp or crack.

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    I was pretty careful. I paid for college working for a Merc service center on Lake Cumberland so after 5 summers I feel pretty good that I didn't over tighten. I even got new nylock stainless nuts.

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    Sounds like the seal to me. No water in the oil?

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    No water....

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    Check the bolts that hold the anode on the front of the upper unit. The bolts hand down about a 1/4 of an inch. When the IMCO lower is installed the bolts wont allow the lower to fully seal.

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    Thanks, I caught that on initial install. I loosened the bolts and installed the lower. I will recheck that though.

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