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Thread: pulling the motor need advice

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    Forgive my ignorance,but I want to do it right. I am pulling the motor in my 73 southwind. I have never pulled a boat motor or used a hoist or engine stand. any advice like where is the best place to hook up the chains to pull it. I have seen those plates that attach to the carb intake on the manifold. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing it is a 454. Any help would be great. Also at the intake grate the bolts obviously broke off and the guy before me drilled all the way through and through bolted the grate on is the something I should be concerned with.

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    i lifted my 454 out with a cherry picker, from the intake manifold bolts. i removed the intake and hooked her up. took 20 min. and i had the engine out. its pretty easy.
    good luck

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    Connect the chains to the upper bolt holes (closest to the intake manifold) to the cylinder heads one up front RH side and one in the rear LH side & yank it. Through bolting and placing lock nuts on the back side of the loader is the preferred method providing that the previous owner didnt drill out all the threads on the intake. If that's the case you need to address that issue.

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    pulled my 460 out with a cherry picker "engine hoist" and boled the chains on the opposite corners of the block took about 20 mins. very simple. take pics of the motor and hows it setup so you can refure to them when the motor is back in.

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    I've never liked those carb plate mounts. You get much better control over the heavy motor with a chain bolted diagonally from a bolt or bracket on the front of one cylinder head to the rear of the opposite side. Also helps to use an engine leveler (Can probably rent it with the hoist), but it isn't totally necessary. Just make sure you unhook all of the wires, battery cables, exhaust hoses, throttle cable, etc. Then get your hoist where it will support the weight of the engine and unbolt the motor mounts. See this thread for driveshaft removal tips. http://www.*** Always helps to one person guiding the engine while the other operates the hoist. Depending on ceiling clearance, you may need to remove the wheels from the trailer and lower onto some 4x4's or something similar in order to gain enough height for the engine to clear the boat.
    Someone else will have to help you with the intake question. Are you talking about the rock grate on the pump? Drilled through the pump housing or the hull? Pics?

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    Pics of the intake???

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    OK... I know it's a V-drive, but I used a cherry picker and load leveler...
    Nice thing about a boat is you can pull it out from under the hoist, then lower the engine down to a more manegable level before wheeling it around.
    I've got a better tan now too...

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    Pics of the intake???
    More importantly pics of your hot wife, girlfriend, sister, neighbor, etc? This advice aint free ya know!

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    THat is what i thought (bolting to the cylinder heads) but i wanted to make sure. Everything is done ready to pull just needed that info thanks to all.I will try to get picks of the intake on tonight. It was drilled all the way through from under the boat and inside the haul you have the nuts on top of the intake #8 and larger than stock.

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    More importantly pics of your hot wife, girlfriend, sister, neighbor, etc? This advice aint free ya know!
    oh my wife is hot!

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